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Hotel Merdeka Madiun, Kota Madiun
Rabu, 14 Maret 2012 02:07:59
photo: Nasrul Mustofa / panoramio
Hotel Merdeka Madiun or Madiun Merdeka Hotel is 2-star hotel in the heart of Madiun regency, East Java province. The hotel very strategic, located near by Goverment office, Shopping Center (Madiun Plaza and Sri Ratu Plaza), Bank, Post office and any other important place, such train station that 3-5 minutes only.

Madiun Merdeka Hotel has a long history. Dating back to Dutch-rule colonization, the hotel, Grand Hotel, founded in 1904 by Van Dijk. Later became Yamato Hotel under Javanese occupation. Since 1945, after Indonesia independent, Yamato Hotel became Merdeka Hotel until now despite different management.

Madiun Merdeka Hotel has 106 rooms, each romm have individually controled air conditioning and are fully equipped with private Bath Room/Shower, Hot and Cold Water, Telephone, Refrigerator, TV Set, and Electric Power 220 volt 50 cycles. The hotel offer special rates avaliable to group of 15 room or more are negotiable upon request.
Hotel Merdeka Madiun
Jalan Pahlawan No 24
Kota Madiun
Jawa Timur

Tel: 0351-463635, 463636, 463637
Fax: 0351-462572