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Narita Hotel
Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009 21:16:25
Humbly from Tulung Agung. This is a warm welcome from Narita Hotel in Tulung Agung regency, East Java province. For years the hotel has been serving guess from arround the world with warm hospitality.

Narita's name has own meaning and comes from two word, nari and ta. Nari in Javanese mean offer and ta is the abbrevation from Tulung Agung. For this hotel it is become its philosophy, offering warm welcome and the best service in hospitality from Tulung Agung.

Located in city center, Narita Hotel continually offer guests and customers our most sincere warm hospitality and the unique experience of Indonesian opulent atmosphere and rich ethnic culture. In this hotels, guess can enjoy a number facilities, including massage in guess room, fitness, and karaoke and live music.

Jln. KH. Agus Salim 87-89
Ph. (0355) 321 608 | Fax. (0355) 322 869