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Laguna Helau
Sabtu, 10 Juni 2006 07:53:15
Laguna Helau, means beautiful Lagoon, is a beach side resort in Kalianda, a small fishing town not far from Bakaheuni Port. It is set in the very edge of a lagoon overlooking the Sunda Straits in the southern tip of Sumatra.

Laguna Helau has been designed as a Sumatran fishing village, with natural wooden cottages perched on high columns. The cottages are elevated to take advantage of the spectacular views to the sea and the surroundings natural vista.

Situated in a lagoon facing the Sunda Straits that feeds off to the Indian Ocean, one can see the silhouette of Anak Krakatau the offspring of the infamous volcano. Right in front of the cottages is the beach where turtles have been known to come ashore to lay their eggs.
Laguna Helau has eight Sumatran-style wooden cottage situated right on the beach. All eight cottages offer unimpeded sea views and features spectacular prospects of the sunsets and the neighbouring islands.

Six of the cottages are a spacious 144 metre squares that can accommodate up to eight guests. Each is furnished in wood and it features four free-standing bedrooms and an open space living that consist of a living room and a dining room. The cottages are fitted with two modern bathrooms each with a shower, a gas-stove kitchen and a mini bar. Dining wares and cooking utensils are provided.

With elevated balconies built on columns and sliding wooden doors that reveals outdoor decks and his & her divans each cottage opens up to magnificent views of the sea and has the mood of an over-water accommodation.

2 Two bedrooms units and four studio units with similar style are also available.
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