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Rabu, 14 Juni 2006, 13:46:42
Set on the nature reserve of Moyo Island, home to a variety of animal and bird life from deer to wild boar, macaque monkeys, sea eagles and osprey, Amanwana is surrounded by tropical rainforest and overlooks the biologically diverse waters of the Flores Sea.

Amanwana's 20 luxury air-conditioned tents feature a solid-wall foundation followed by a waterproof exterior roof and an interior one of canvas. A coral stone deck surrounds each tent and inside each features banks of windows, Indonesian island artwork, hardwood flooring, a sitting area with facing divans, a king-size bed, a writing desk and a large bathroom.

Amanwana operates its own Dive Centre, suited to beginners and experienced divers alike, with many of the best dive sites being no more than a 10-minute boat ride away from the resort. Amanwana's fleet team maintains a variety of boats for dive safaris, sports fishing and sunset or picnic cruises to deserted islands.

Moyo Island is a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts with a number of walking trails and treks available, including to jungle waterfalls that cascade into terraced, limestone pools.

Amanwana Resort is part of Aman Resorts Group.

Moyo Island
West Sumbawa

Tel: 0371-22233
Fax: 0371 22288


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